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Friday, April 27, 2012

Two examples of Surrender

Imagine you’re having a great time partying in a field, holding a bottle and a bag of dope. Along comes the cops! Drop the bottle, drop the bindle! Along comes your Boss! Drop the Bottle, Drop the Bindle! Along comes your wife Drop the Bottle, Drop the bindle! Along comes Family! Drop the bottle, drop the bindle! What do you do? You hailer I Surrender and you drop the bottle and the bindle and they march you off to Treatment. What have you become? A prisoner. What is a prisoner’s main priority? To escape….

Now imagine your stander in that filed holding a bottle and a bag of dope. But this time there’s no cops’ cause you can’t get it together to commit a crime worth arresting you for. There’s no boss because you keep a job. There’s no wife because she left with the kids long ago. There’s no family because they couldn’t take watching you destroy yourself any more. You realize what you have done to yourself. You surrender and drop the bottle and the bag of dope and March yourself off to seek recovery anywhere you can find it….

In the first example you have surrendered to authority against your will. You were forced to give in to the powers that be and entered into treatment for a disease that there is no treatment for. The intention here is to get out of the trouble you’re in and your mind is focused on escape. You have surrendered your freedom, not your will…

The Doctor’s Opinion page xxvii

…This is repeated over and over, and unless this person can experience an entire psychic change there is very little hope of his recovery...

In the second example you have surrendered your will. You may not know what you have surrendered your will to, you just surrendered. Now you just have to find what is going to help you. Not to get out of trouble. Just so you don’t die…

It is not till you freely surrender your will that you can find recovery. You can go from Surrender type 1 to surrender type 2 at any given moment. It is all in your mind..


  1. Wow . . . I'm excited at having found your blog . . . I wish I had time to read the whole thing now . . maybe tomorrow.
    I wondered why they said at N/A that we were "allergic", now it's starting to make sense.
    Surrender is the one I'm struggling with. 85% surrender I can do . . . I know that's not enough. I have a feeling I will find some good reading here. Welcome and thankyou.

    1. Heroin will produce tissue dependence in anyone that uses it for a period of time and the dependent person will have withdrawal symptoms at the end of a run but this not an allergic reaction.
      An allergy is an unusual physical reaction to a substance upon first inoculation that does not occur in the average individual.
      I have known a few guys that kicked a heroin habit and would use for a night from time to time and not go on another run or develop a problem with another substance. As a matter of fact most all of the people I grew up abused substances when we were young but most all of them matured out of it in their late teen to early 20’s and could drink and even use like gentlemen with no further problems.
      I am one of the allergic ones. Every time I take a drink or smoke weed or anything I can’t stop. And my runs used to last for years. Am I still allergic? I was clean & sober for 18 years till last summer I tried to drink a beer and the same thing happened. It seems that once Allergic, always Allergic.
      I have been working on a book about the problem and the solution to it. If you would like to see it I’ll be happy to send it to you…… Doug

    2. I clicked on E-mail on your profile, to send you my address, but it said "It couldn't perform this operation as the default mail client was not properly installed" ?! . . . Whatever that means.

    3. Sorry bout that. I'm still working all this internet thing out. my web site is and my email
      your the first to ask so you get the book for free. I'll mail it to you

  2. I still must surrender today, 16 years into recovery... I must surrender to the fact that I am still powerless over alcohol (and a whole lot more). I must surrender to the fact that I need a God of my understanding, and I MUST surrender my will to Him if I am to live to good purpose.

    Thanks for coming by my blog ( the other day... Be well!